Engineering projects are completed by Warwickshire County Council who manage and improve our road network. Schemes are developed with the aim to reduce road traffic casualties, where collision data shows there is a need and funds are available.


Other agencies also have a role in decisions around engineering projects. Warwickshire Police Traffic Management Advisors (TMAs) act as the focal point for professional advice and police representation in relation to current and proposed highway schemes, highway and traffic legislation and safety matters.


Traffic Management Advisors are responsible for:

  • Identifying sites / routes where engineering works are required or should be considered.
  • Acting as the primary liaison point between operational policing teams across Warwickshire and county, district and parish councils who bring forward or seek assistance in the resolution of highway related issues.
  • Representing the Chief Constable in respect of statutory consultations, including Traffic Regulation Orders, planning applications with a highways related aspect, safety audits, road engineering matters, and post-collision audit visits for KSI (killed or seriously injured) collisions.
  • Providing consultation on the motorway network across the force, working with Highways England and the Central Motorway Police Group.
  • TMAs provide road safety advice in relation to road events, contingency planning, major building development and issues brought forward by partners.


Locations for engineering work are prioritised in relation to collision numbers in the area. With limited resources Warwickshire County Council prioritise locations where a history of treatable collisions has been identified.