Back to School: Could you walk, cycle or scoot?

pavement and cycle track
As they prepare to return to school, children and young people are being encouraged to choose active travel for the new school year.
Warwickshire Road Safety Partnership is encouraging all families and young people to consider travelling actively – walking, cycling and rolling.
To support families and young people travelling safely and actively, Warwickshire Road Safety Education Team has put together some helpful questions, hints and tips to consider:
  • Plan your route in advance, choosing the safest route.
  • If cycling or scooting, check your bicycle or scooter is in a good working order.
  • Plan, prepare and rehearse your journey if using a new route to help you and your children feel more confident.
  • Arrange to meet friends and travel together.
  • Too far to walk, cycle or roll? Consider Park and Stride – leave your car in a safe place ten minutes away from school and walk the remainder.
  • Not enough time? Walking, cycling, or rolling can take less time than travelling by car but, if you are concerned, why not commit to travelling actively a few times a week?
Travelling actively to school allows children and young people to learn about their local area, improve their independence and helps their mental and physical health. Furthermore, active travel makes the streets around the school safer and reduces congestion and pollution around the school gates.
The Warwickshire Road Safety Partnership has been encouraging families and young people to consider active travel to school with engagement events and distributing high visibility items.
The partnership is also working to improve the travel options to our schools, with joint initiatives between Warwickshire Police and Warwickshire County Council to improve school parking.
The introduction of safe and active travel officers in January will aim to encourage and support active travel in schools, workplaces and communities as part of a wider climate change strategy in Warwickshire.
Cllr Wallace Redford, Warwickshire County Council portfolio holder for transport and highways, said “Helping children form good habits from a young age through travelling actively to and from school allows them to develop road awareness and learn about risk, therefore helping them learn how to look after themselves and be safe.
“Active Travel, to and from School, not only helps to improve children’s road awareness, it also reduces the number of cars on our roads at peak times, which will reduce the number of potential collisions and be better for the environment.
“We are encouraging all parents and carers to think about travelling safely and actively to and from school as part of the partnership’s #ShareTheSpace campaign which runs from the 6th to the 19th of September.”
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Date Issued 08.09.21