Hands on the wheel

All drivers need to recognise the responsibility and power they have every time they get behind the wheel and take total  control. 


The most common causes of collisions are known as the fatal 5, these are speeding, drink drive, drug drive, seatbelts and distractions such as mobile phones, with young and inexperienced drivers being the most at risk.  As the driver you have control over all of these, and your decision making could keep yourself and your passengers safe and ensure you complete your journey.


Take control in your vehicle, ‘my car, my rules’ ensure all your passengers put their seatbelts on, don’t be tempted to have ‘just one drink’ when you know you are driving, put your phone away or hand it to one of your passengers to look after, drive within the speed limit. Imagine the feelings of regret and guilt if your actions and decision making resulted in someone losing their life? 


Be proud of being a ‘safe driver’ and finishing every journey. Your passengers may not always appreciate your careful approach, but we guarantee that their families will! ‘Their lives in your hands’, accurately describes the power and responsibility you have as the driver.


All drivers are susceptible to and need to be aware of the Fatal 5, do not allow any of these to claim you or your passengers as their next  victims. Your passengers, your families and other road users are relying on your driving skills and decision making to ensure everyone completes their journey safely and gets home to their loved ones.

Blue Light Aware

Our blue light crews rely on the help of other road users when they are on an emergency journey. Here is some advice on what to do when you see blue lights in your rear-view mirror:

  • If you hear a siren or see blue lights, stay calm. Look for somewhere safe to move left and stop.
  • When there are solid white lines, an emergency vehicle will probably switch off its siren and follow you as the road layout is not safe to overtake. Keep driving until you’re clear of the solid white line. Your clue to pull left and let it pass is when the emergency vehicle’s siren goes back on.
  • There may be more than one emergency vehicle, so check before moving off.

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