Campaign Materials (1)

Please find below details about some of our campaign and road safety materials that have been used to help raise awareness of road safety issues. 

In November 2020 and 2021 partners did a joint campaign on the run up to Christmas. The main aim of the campaign was to educate residents that it’s currently against the law to ride an e-scooter in any public place.

  • Privately owned e-scooters cannot be used in any public space including roads, pavements and parks.
  • This is because they are classed as Personal Light Electric Vehicles so are treated as motor vehicles and need an MOT, Tax, Licensing and Insurance.
  • Warwickshire Police have the powers to seize e-scooters and prosecute riders. Officers used Section 59 of the Police Reform Act to issue a warning to riders of e-scooters and educate them as to the legal requirements.

Warwickshire is currently not part of any trials so e-scooters cannot be hired at this time.

Social media graphics, leaflets and posters were made to get the message out. Safer Neighbourhood teams also got involved by speaking to schools, local shops and conducted small operations to educate riders.   

E-scooter Leaflet 

E-scooter Poster

E-scooter graphic for social media

Warwickshire Road Safety Partnership has distributed Slow Down bin stickers via Warwickshire’s 56 Community Speed Watch groups as a reminder to drivers who will see the bins on driveways in residential areas. If residents would like a bin sticker, please contact your local police team.  This can be found by putting your postcode into the

‘Find your area’ search box on the Warwickshire Police website homepage.

Warwickshire Road Safety Partnership is supplying partners including local Safer Neighbourhood Teams with high vis items to offer to pedestrians and other road users.

Warwickshire Road Safety Partnership have developed a pledge stickers to drive safely and within the speed limit. 

Warwickshire Road Safety Partnership has distributed over 100 ‘THINK BIKE’ and ‘RIDE SAFELY’ signs across Warwickshire to encourage bikers and drivers to please #ShareTheSpace and look out for each other on the county’s roads. The routes for the signage were chosen taking into consideration both casualty statistics and the number of motorcyclists using the routes.


  • The A46 from its junction with A439 down to the county boundary with West Mercia
  • The A5 from The Longshoot  to M42 Junc 10
  • The A4091 from the county boundary through to the A446 junction close to the Belfry
  • The B4098 from its junction with the A4097 through to the Coventry boundary
  • The B4112 from Newbold on Avon through to Bulkington
  • The B4114 from Mancetter through to Nuneaton Ansley Common
  • The Fosse Way from southern county boundary through to Princethorpe
  • The B4087 from the B4100 then onto the A429 down to Halford
  • The A422 from Stratford through to the A429 Junction

The partnership is working with IAM RoadSmart ​to offer free driving reviews for mature drivers aged 65+ residing in Warwickshire. More information can be found on our Older Drivers page. A leaflet has been developed to promote the schemes in the community and encourage families to speak to their older members. 

Mature Driver Review Leaflet

The National Young Rider Forum (NYRF) launched a targeted social media campaign in December 2021 to help deliver key safety messages to young riders. 


The campaign comprises five infographics and posters, developed in partnership with the Warwickshire Road Safety Partnership.


Please find the 5 infographics below: 

Don’t Drug Drive Social Media Graphic

Be Careful at Junctions Social Media Graphic

Take Care Locally Social Media Graphic

Wear Protective Gear Social Media Graphic 

Take Extra Training Social Media Graphic 


The infographics have also been made into posters, please find these below: 

Don’t Drug Drive Poster

Be Careful at Junctions Poster

Take Care Locally Poster

Wear Protective Gear Poser

Take Extra Training Poster


For more information about the National Young Rider Forum follow the link to their website

The partnerships supports the Tyre Safe campaign’s aim to raise awareness of the importance of correct tyre maintenance and the dangers of defective and illegal tyres. Below are facts cards for car and motorcycle drivers to refer to. 

Tyre Safe Car Tyres Fact Card

Tyre Safe Motorcycle Tyres Fact Card

Warwickshire Road Safety Partnership and The British Horse Society aims to reduce the number of incidents and fatalities involving horses and riders on the roads of Warwickshire by educating all road users and campaigning to make drivers aware of what to do if they encounter a horse on the road.