Commercial Drivers

A large HGV vehicle traveling along one of the main road routes of the United Kingdom,

Warwickshire is known for its countryside, but we also have major routes connecting the county easily to London and major cities in the Midlands. This lends itself to many commercial vehicles using our roads.  The partnership encourages commercial drivers to follow these tips as part of their pre drive routine.


  • Vehicle Check. Make sure you walk around your vehicle to check it is safe. This should be done every time you get into the vehicle and not just as a daily morning check.
  • Secure your load. Make sure you check all your straps and chains are fully working to secure your load and nothing can fall while driving.
  • Driver hours. Make sure you keep within your hours and take regular breaks. Make sure you get sufficient daily rest, so you are alert while driving.
  • Avoid having distractions near you when driving such as paperwork. Please do not use a handheld mobile phone or other device and always wear a seatbelt whilst driving.


Driving for Better Business 

The Partnership supports the Driving for Better Business programme. The Driving for Better Business is a free to access government-backed National Highways programme to help employers in the private and public sectors reduce work-related road risk, protecting staff who drive or ride for work, and others who they may share the road with. For more information follow click here. 

As a partnership we are actively promoting Driving for Better Business and encouraging businesses who are based in or operate in our county to sign up with the combined aim of making our roads safer.