Commercial Drivers

A large HGV vehicle traveling along one of the main road routes of the United Kingdom,

The central location of Warwickshire and its relationship to the motorway, trunk roads, and rail network have led to the development of a number of major road and rail-based freight distribution facilities over the last 15 years. This means we have some of the busiest stretches of road outside London and a large number of commercial vehicles using our roads every day.


According to the department for transport, nationally around 40,000 casualties  a year involve someone driving for work. Less than 1 in 5 of fatalities are the person that is driving for work, it is the more vulnerable road user that is the victim.

In Warwickshire in 2022, there were 165 road traffic collisions involving goods vehicles being driven for work, these resulted in 7 fatalities and 49 serious life changing injuries. 1 fatality and 8 serious injuries were either the driver or passengers in the goods vehicle, the other victims were other road users. 

Driving for Better Business 

In order to try and make the roads safer, the partnership supports and actively promotes the Driving for Better Business programme. The Driving for Better Business is a free to access government-backed National Highways programme to help employers in the private and public sectors reduce work-related road risk, protecting staff who drive or ride for work, and others who they may share the road with. For more information follow click here. 

As a partnership we are actively promoting Driving for Better Business and encouraging businesses who are based in or operate in our county to sign up with the combined aim of making our roads safer.