Pre and Young Drivers

Male holding a 'L' plate and keys

Getting your driving licence for a bike or car is a major milestone and gives you freedom and independence. After passing it is important you prepare yourself before going out alone.


  • Get to know your vehicle – make sure you are familiar with how it works as the controls may be different to the one you learnt in.
  • It is important to build up your confidence so set goals such as driving alone, driving on the motorway and driving in adverse weather
  • Being able to drive around friends and family is a great part of this new independence but don’t be tempted or pressured to drive above the speed limit or take risks while driving.


When you are a passenger, it is important to speak up against your friends if you’re not happy or don’t feel safe when they are driving. If you’re worried, ask to get out, or don’t get in. Speaking up can be enough to change the driver’s behaviour.


For more hints and tips visit our drivers page and try our highway code quiz!


If you are learning to drive, the Office of Police and Crime Commissioner has funded the Honest Truth project which works with driving instructors to educate young drivers on the risks of driving and how to be safe on the roads. To find your nearest ‘Honest Truth’ instructor click here.


Partners also educate pre and young drivers in schools and colleges, for more information visit our Child and School Safety page.