Cyclist and Car

Be Bright Be Seen

We promote the Be Bright Be Seen message for all vulnerable road users, including cyclists. Wearing light, bright, fluorescent clothing during the day and reflective clothing or accessories after dark will improve a cyclist’s visibility to other road users.

There are several simple ways to improve visibility:

  • High visibility vests and jackets
  • Lights on bikes
  • Fluorescent and reflective accessories e.g., snap bands, rucksack covers.



Drivers must look out for cyclists and use indicators to signal intentions. Drivers must give cyclists plenty of space when overtaking them, a minimum of 1.5m is a safe passing distance for overtaking in slow traffic. If drivers cannot allow the minimum distance, they must not overtake until they can.

Drivers must check for cyclists when opening their car door, pulling out at a junction, or when performing a manoeuvre.

Pedestrians must take extra care when crossing cycle lanes and keep to the designated pedestrian side if using a shared route with a dividing line.


Current work

Partners have developed age-appropriate resources for primary and secondary aged pupils focusing on cycling safety. Resources developed cover bike maintenance, and the importance of wearing a correctly fitted helmet and light, bright and reflective clothing to improve safety.


We regularly support and promote national campaigns such as Bike Week and Bike to School Week with partners doing engagement events, giving out free reflective items, to raise awareness of the Be Bright Be Seen message.


Partners work with Bike Right to deliver Bikeability cycle training in schools and the local community.  More information can be found in the link here.


Warwickshire Police also runs Operation ‘Close Pass’ to raise awareness and educate both drivers and cyclists about safe passing distances. More information can be found on our Operations page.