Left ro right:
Sgt Carl Stafford, PC Mark Russell (Warwickshire Police), Marie Biddulph and Mark Cartwright (Highways England) pictured with the HGV used as part of Operation Tramline.
Picture by Daniel Hambury/Stella Pictures Ltd 07813022858
27/01/2021PC Mark Russell and Sgt Carl Stafford from Warwickshire Police Force pictured with the HGV they use as part of Operation Tramline.
Picture by Daniel Hambury/Stella Pictures Ltd 07813022858

Yearly Campaigns

The partnership actively supports the National Chief Police Council road safety campaigns that run throughout the year.   Campaigns include:

  • Fatal 4 (speeding, mobile phones, not wearing seatbelts and drink or drug driving)
  • Vulnerable road users including bikers, cyclists, pedestrians and horse riders
  • Speed was the focus during Global Road Safety Week in May 2021
  • Commercial Vehicle Week
  • Project Edward is a week long campaign which runs in September to raise awareness around road safety. EDWARD stands for Every Day Without A Road Death. Each year a different theme is chosen, and the partnership works together to raise awareness through education and enforcement.
  • Tyre Safety month runs throughout October led by TyreSafe. The campaign invites motorists to get into the habit of regularly checking their tyres are safe and roadworthy.
  • No insurance week
  • Officers stop and test suspected drink or drug drivers all year around. However, an intensive campaign takes place throughout the month of December and into January. This campaign is led by Warwickshire Police who actively patrol the roads and publicise arrests on a daily or weekly basis. 


Local Operations

  • The Partnership is also involved in local campaigns which take place throughout the year.
  • Operation ‘Close Pass’ run by Warwickshire Police aims to educate drivers and cyclists and the public about safe passing distances. The initiative uses plain clothes officers on bikes equipped with front and rear facing cameras. Any vehicle seen to not pass with the recommended distance of 1.5 metres is pulled over to a suitable location and offered the opportunity to have a short educational input using material provided by Cycling UK and RoSPA.
  • Operation Tramline is a partnership campaign between Warwickshire Police and National Highways. Warwickshire Police Commercial Vehicle Unit uses a National Highways owned HGV ‘supercab’ to patrol the regions motorway network to spot and film driver offences in all vehicles. This information is relayed to following officers who intercept drivers and deal with the identified offences. Warwickshire Police is the lead force nationally for Op Tramline and in November 2020 achieved a record-breaking result by detecting 317 alleged offences in 5 days.