Our Strategy

The Warwickshire Road Safety Partnership strategy is set by a Strategic Board underpinned by an Operational Board bringing together experts from Warwickshire’s road safety partners. Following analysis of Warwickshire collision data and taking into consideration national trends; a vision, aims, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) have been set and our most vulnerable road user groups identified.  This information will help us to develop innovative approaches to target partnership initiatives and reduce casualties on our roads.


To reduce road traffic casualties through partnership working and sharing resources.

Objectives and KPIs:

To achieve a sustainable reduction in the number of people Killed or Seriously Injured on Warwickshire’s Roads working towards vision zero.


  • A 50% reduction in the numbers of Killed and Serious Injured (KSIs) casualties by 2030 which would see 172 casualties or less recorded for the 12-month period of 2030 in line with the 5-year Warwickshire average (2015-2019).
  • A year-on-year reduction in the number of KSI casualties for the priority groups

To increase public confidence in road safety and enforcement on Warwickshire’s roads


  • A year-on-year reduction of residents’ concern regarding the fatal four- ‘speeding, drink and drug driving, seatbelt, and mobile phones’
  • A year-on-year increase of residents feeling safer to cycle on Warwickshire’s roads

To improve partnership working and communication through promoting the Warwickshire Road Safety Partnership brand


  • Monitoring audience through social media, website and newsletters with the aim to see a year-on-year increase of engagement.
  • Monitoring the number of projects funded by the partnership per each priority group with a target of one commissioned project per priority by the end of 2021
The M42 motorway in Warwickshire at night

Priority groups:

  • Pre drivers and Young Road Users (16-24)
  • Older Road Users (60+)
  • Motorcyclists
  • Cyclists
  • The fatal four ‘speeding, drink and drug driving, seatbelt, and mobile phones’

The partnership is currently working with Agilysis to develop a long-term strategy for the partnership. This will be published in due course.

Collision data:

Collision and casualty data are used by the partnership to understand who, how, where and why people are casualties on Warwickshire’s roads. Warwickshire statistics can be found on our homepage but for more in-depth data and the national picture follow the link to the Department of Transport Great Britain Annual Report:

Also, the Road Safety Foundation created an interactive map to show the statistical risk on Britain’s Motorways and ‘A’ roads. 

The partnership uses an evidence led approach to fund road safety projects. This evidence comes from local collision data for Warwickshire but also the national picture of road safety.