Speed Cameras

Warwickshire Speed Camera

Average Speed Cameras

You see these usually through roadwork section on main A roads or Motorways. We currently have 4 trial areas in Warwickshire where you will also see average speed cameras. These cameras have ANPR technology and read the number plate of every vehicle passing the entry camera and record distance over time to the exit camera, working out the average speed the vehicle was travelling at to cover the known distance between the two


Motorway Cameras 

These are known as Hadecs Cameras and are located on overhead gantries on the side of the motorway. They are able to cover all lanes simultaneously and enforce both the National Speed limit of 70 and any variable speed limits that are displayed on the overhead gantryThey can also capture Red X offences. If the overhead gantry is lit with a mandatory instruction, then the cameras are live and ready to capture offences.  


Fixed (Gasto) Cameras

These are static cameras at the side of the road and capture offences by photographing the vehicle committing the offence, ladder markings in the carriageway ensure secondary checks can be carried out to ensure accuracy.  Cameras are used to protect vulnerable road users and encourage compliance with speed limits.  Follow the link here to find the locations of the fixed cameras in the county.


Mobile cameras

These can be operated inside marked Police vehicles, hand held by the operator or be placed on tripods at the side of the road. The flexibility of these devices means they can be deployed in areas where there have been a high number of collisions, whereby it has been determined that speed was a contributing factor or in areas of community concern


Speeding Ticket

If you receive a Section 172 Request / Notice of Intended Prosecution, commonly known as a speeding ticket, you or a company that receives the letter must complete and return the form within 28 days Did you know that failure to do so is a separate offence which carries a harsher penalty than the original speeding offence? If you need further information or help completing the form please follow the link here.