Speed Cameras

Warwickshire Speed Camera

Fixed Cameras

Throughout the county fixed cameras are used to detect speeding offences and red-light violations. Cameras are used to protect vulnerable road users and encourage compliance with speed limits.  Follow the link here to find the locations of the fixed cameras in the county.


Mobile cameras

Alongside Warwickshire’s fixed cameras, mobile cameras are also used to encourage speed compliance on our roads.  The Warwickshire Police Road Safety Unit operates the mobile camera vehicles, while local police safer neighbourhood teams and operational patrol unit use handheld cameras. This is also complimented by the Community Speed Watch groups. For more information visit the community speed watch page.


Speeding Ticket

You may have received a ‘Notice of Intended Prosecution’ letter which is commonly known as a speeding ticket. If you or your company receive a letter you must complete and return the relevant form within 28 days. Failure to do so will result in further prosecutions and penalties. For further information on completing the form please follow the link here.