Caravan on the road

Most people do not need to tow trailers, caravans and other items every day.  You may only do this occasionally so make sure you feel safe and confident to do so.


–  Check you have the right licence – depending when you first passed your test effects what you can tow and if you need extra training. Please click here

–  Check the trailer before you drive – if you do not use the trailer regularly make sure the wheels are safe and the lights and indicators work. Make sure the trailer is coupled correctly by following the manufacturer’s advice.

–  Check the trailer is not overloaded and the load is secure and distributed evenly. This is the responsibility of the driver.

–  When you’re driving if the trailer starts to snake or swerve ease off the accelerator and reduce your speed gently. This might be a sign your trailer is loaded incorrectly, is too heavy for your vehicle or you were going too fast.


Partners run multi agency road safety operations focusing on towing vehicles and abnormal vehicles.  They check if loads are secure and look for any defects with the towing vehicle or trailer as well as driver documentation.