Child and School Safety


School Education


Partners work in a lot of different settings to promote the road safety message from an early age.


Pre-school – Colourful resources are available to settings including road safety story books, songs and activities to engage with very young children and their parents. Children are introduced to the road safety mascot – Warwick Bear and his friends. 


SAFE and ACTIVE Schools Programme – this brand-new programme combines essential road safety education with active travel activities and resources to help encourage children to travel more actively.


Road Safety Officers use behaviour change techniques and co-operative learning as a basis to engage children and encourage good practice. Themes include STOP, LOOK, LISTEN, The Road Safety Code, Safe Places to Cross, Risk Taking, Independent Travel, and New Journeys.


Alongside the educational programme delivered to pupils, schools are asked to recruit a school champion who will lead the school through a reward programme that promotes active travel. Schools will be supported to set up a number of active travel activities such as a Walking Bus, Park and Stride or regular Walk to School weeks, working their way through a series of levels to achieve either Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum status.


Schools are also encouraged to develop and maintain effective School Travel Plans as part of the SAFE and ACTIVE Schools Programme, working with a dedicated School Travel Plan Officer to write, review and maintain the School Travel Plan.


Secondary school education – Two road safety Mentors (both current Advanced Driving Instructors) visit schools to deliver a series of presentations to Years 7, 9, 10, 11 and 12.  Themes include independent travel, distractions, risk taking, responsible behaviour as a passenger and impulsive decision making.  Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service also deliver a session to Year 13’s in Schools and Colleges, speaking about the dangers of drugs and alcohol while driving.


School Parking Patrols


Cars & Kids Don’t Mix – Many schools have parking issues outside the school gate, and the Road Safety Team are often able to help provide support and bespoke resources to schools. Cars & Kids Don’t Mix comprises a large outside railing banner, leaflets and on-line resources for schools to use to highlight concerns. The Road Safety Team work with local police teams to educate and enforce safe parking outside our schools.


As well as the Car & Kids don’t mix banner the Police & Crime Commissioner’s Road Safety Fund has purchased large ‘Think before you Park’ external safe school parking banners.


The partnership regularly supports and promotes national environmental campaigns such as National Clean Air Day and Bike to Work Week. 


School crossing patrols – Warwickshire County Council also provides a number of crossing patrols across the county to assist children walking to and from school. Crossing patrols are provided at sites that meet the technical criteria, have active support of the school and the availability of a suitable recruit.


Partners regularly come together to look at school parking county wide, to discuss and evaluate current work and look for new and innovative ways to solve the problem of inconsiderate and dangerous parking.