Child and School Safety

Road with School marking

School Education

The Partnership recognises the importance of promoting and delivering road safety education with children and young people of all ages. Partners work in many settings to promote road safety messages. 


Early Years – Nurseries and pre-school 

Age appropriate, interactive, and engaging workshops are offered to nursery and pre-school settings. Workshops incorporate road safety and active travel themed activities, stories, and songs to teach and engage with the youngest of children and their families. 


Primary Schools – Safe and Active Travel School Award 

The Safe and Active Schools Programme is an innovative programme which combines essential road safety education with active travel information. The activities and resources encourage and support staff, children, and families to travel safely and more actively on their journeys to and from school – walking, cycling, and scooting. Themes include the Warwickshire Road Safety Code, Safer Places to Cross, Distractions, Independent Travel, and Transition. For further information on the Safe and Active Travel School programme click here.


Secondary Schools – The Journey 

The Journey is a comprehensive programme of road safety education focussing on pedestrian and cycle safety, pre- and young drivers, and pre- and young riders. Sessions focus on changing intention to take risks and self-regulate to become safer road users. Key themes covered include Distractions (saccadic masking), Cycling / Road respect, Risk taking / Consequences, Responsibilities / Peer Influence, Impulse Control and Impairment – drugs, alcohol, fatigue. 


School Parking Patrols

Partners regularly come together to look at school parking county wide, to discuss and evaluate current work and look for new and innovative ways to solve the problem of inconsiderate and dangerous parking. 


Cars & Kids Don’t Mix:

Many schools have issues with parking outside the school gate and partners work collaboratively to help schools address these issues through a combination of education and enforcement.

Cars & Kids Don’t Mix is a campaign led by Warwickshire County Council’s Road Safety Education Team and supported by all partners to encourage safe and considerate parking outside primary schools. Cars & Kids Don’t Mix campaign comprises a large banner to display on school railings, leaflets, and digital resources for schools to use to highlight concerns and offer safer alternatives. Partners work together to educate and enforce safe parking outside Warwickshire schools.


School Crossing Patrols:

Warwickshire County Council provide a number of crossing patrols across the county to assist children and their families when walking to and from school. Crossing patrols are provided at sites that meet the technical criteria, have active support of the school and the availability of a suitable recruit.

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