Whilst motorcycles make up approximately 3% of all our traffic, almost a quarter (22.88%) of people killed or seriously injured on our roads were bikers. In 2022, 2 bikers were killed and 56 suffered serious injuries on the roads in Warwickshire. This is really disproportionate to the number of motorcycles on the roads and we are looking at everything we can do to help bring these numbers down.   


In total there were 109 collisions involving motorbikes in Warwickshire in 2022. On 53 occasions the biker was going straight ahead when the collision occurred. 


We have put up THINK BIKE signage on the popular more testing biker routes through rural Warwickshire to remind drivers to look out for motorcyclists.   

We are asking bikers to take responsibility for their own safety on the roads. This includes:

  • not speeding or taking risks,
  • wearing the correct protective clothing and helmets to help protect you if you are involved in a collision.
  • wear reflective clothing and/or put reflective strips on your bike or helmet
  • checking your bikes tyres, lights and fluids, looking for any signs of oil, fuel or air leaks
  • Have regular services and safety checks on your bike, especially if it has been away all winter


These measures can help protect you from being another statistic and continuously refreshing and improving your motorcycle skills will also enable you to recognise hazards and situations earlier to give you more time to react. You may not be in the wrong but in a collision with a car, van, or lorry it is inevitably the bike rider that suffers the most serious or fatal injuries, having the skills and ability to read, anticipate and react early to developing situations could just save you from fatal or life changing injuries and prevent damage or loss of your bike.          


We hold annual events for bikers at Caffeine and the Machine in April and Hoar Park Craft Village in July as well as attending ad hoc bike events across the county throughout the summer months. We have experts on hand to offer advice and support and to  book you on to courses such as Bike Safe, Biker Down, and advanced rider courses to enhance your skill with further information on their dedicated page. To book a session visit the Biksafe website and Biker down! Facebook page.