Motorcyclists on a rural road

We are proud in Warwickshire to have so many beautiful motorcycle routes across our county. Riders enjoy the freedom and fun which comes with travelling on a bike but whether you are travelling for leisure or work we want all riders to be safe.


Here are some tips so you can continue to enjoy our roads.

  • Always gear up for a ride – protective clothing and helmets help protect you if you are involved in a collision.
  • Just like a car you should regularly maintain and check your bike.
  • Before riding check your tyres, lights and fluids and look for signs of any oil, fuel or air leaks
  • Make sure you can be seen by other road users. Position yourself on the road so you can be seen and make sure you do not ride in drivers’ blind spots.


The partnership encourages riders to continue to develop their skills. Partners offer Bikesafe and Biker Down! Courses, with further information on their dedicated page. To book a session visit the Biksafe website and Biker down! Facebook page. 




If you ride a small engine motorcycle, or are thinking about taking your CBT, then FirstBike is for you! Crammed with tonnes of information and advice for the new rider, we help you get on the road and stay safe without breaking the bank. This edition covers everything from getting your licence and taking the CBT, to buying your first bike and all the essential kit you need to stay safe. Take a look through this digital edition by clicking the “full screen” button. You can even bookmark it to read later or click “share” to send it to friends and family.

Tell us what you think of FirstBike by clicking here – completing the survey will only take a minute of your time.

National Young Rider Forum 

The partnership is also a member of the National Young Rider Forum which focuses on riders aged between 16 and 24 years and ride powered two wheels up to 125cc. The forum has created a website aimed at young and new riders, check it out by following clicking here.

Ride Free 

Ridefree is an award-winning enhancement to compulsory basic training (CBT), consisting of pre-course eLearning modules. Its aim is to help you prepare for your CBT and riding on the road.

The course is free and can be accessed through the safe driving for link which can be accessed by clicking here