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Warwickshire Road Safety Code

The partnership encourages all to use the Warwickshire Road Safety Code to help pedestrians remain safe. There are five steps in the Warwickshire Road Safety Code:


  • THINK about roads and find the safest place to cross


  • STOP before the kerb and wait


  • LOOK and LISTEN carefully for traffic


  • THINK about what to do and wait until the traffic has stopped


  • CROSS SAFELY looking and listening all the time


The Warwickshire Road Safety Code is introduced to pre-school aged children through games, songs and story and revisited in all early years and primary sessions. Although children are introduced and taught the Road Safety Code from a young age, we ensure they know to only go out with a trusted adult. To find out more about the work we do in schools visit the Child and School Safety page.


Partners raise awareness of the dangers of being distracted and potential consequences through educational interventions and campaigns. Pedestrians are encouraged to stay aware of the local surroundings and what is happening around them and avoid potential distractions such as mobile phones and listening to music.