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Walking is a is a simple and free way to travel and provides a range of health and environmental benefits. 

Partners deliver a range of educational initiatives and campaigns to raise awareness and improve road user behaviour and encourage all road users to take responsibility for their own choices and behaviour. 




Partners raise awareness of the dangers of being distracted and potential consequences through educational interventions and campaigns. Pedestrians are encouraged to stay aware of the local surroundings and what is happening around them and avoid potential distractions such as mobile phones and listening to music. 


The Highway Code 


The Highway Code is essential reading for all road users. Rules 1 – 35 cover pedestrian safety, and include general guidance, crossing the road, crossings, and situations needing extra care.  

Click here to refresh your knowledge of The Highway Code for pedestrians. 


Child Pedestrian Safety 


Partners deliver a comprehensive programme of road safety education to primary and secondary schools throughout Warwickshire. To find out more about child pedestrian safety and our Safe and Active Schools offering click here.