Save a life. Park it right.

Cartoon with car, police car, ambulance and fire engine

Residents are reminded that considerate parking can be the difference between life and death.

Warwickshire Road Safety Partnership is today launching a week-long campaign to remind drivers to think before they park and leave enough room for emergency vehicles.

Obstructing roads and double parking could mean the difference between the emergency services saving a life or not when attending a fatality.

Have you ever considered how much room a fire engine will need to get through?

The answer is roughly 3 metres, or approximately the width of two cars.

There are five easy steps to help you park it right:

1. Park close to the kerb- a little distance makes a big difference
2. Mirrors in- moving your mirrors in can create even more space
3. Park straight
4. Straighten your wheels- every little helps
5. Junctions and Bends- Vehicles need more space than you might think.

This week the partnership will be sharing social media posts throughout and schools will be contacted to remind parents to think about where they are parking when on the school run.

Fire crews also carry park it right leaflets to educate any inconsiderate parking they come across. Police Safer Neighbourhood teams will also be involved in promoting the message in communities.

Cllr Wallace Redford, Warwickshire County Council’s portfolio holder for Transport and Planning, said: “We are reminding all when you park your cars to please consider who might need to get past in a hurry.


Always leave room for emergency vehicles to get through and never park on the yellow markings outside our fire stations.”

Sally Bunyard-Spiers, Inspector for Rugby Safer Neighbourhood team said “The extra time taken to reach an incident can cost lives. We are asking that everyone thinks before they park, allowing emergency services to reach the residents of Warwickshire in the quickest time.”

Date Issued 20.09.21