NYRF launches new social media campaign

08.11.21 Drink and Drugs

The National Young Rider Forum (NYRF) has launched a targeted social media campaign to help deliver key safety messages to young riders.


The NYRF is a group of road safety professionals, who have joined their expertise to specifically look at the safety of young riders.


The campaign comprises five infographics, developed in partnership with the Warwickshire Road Safety Partnership.


These will be shared on social media – with paid advertising used to ensure the target demographic is hit and the reach widened.


The theme for each infographic has been determined by a body of research carried out earlier this year.


Understanding who our Young Riders are’ is a five-part study delivered by Agilysis on behalf of the National Young Rider Forum (NYRF) – with the support of the DfT.


It investigated every aspect of young riders’ lives, to gain a better insight into how they feel about being a rider, what concerns them as a young road user – and to identify the best way to reach and support them as young road users of the future.


The first infographic, published yesterday (16 Dec), focuses on the pitfalls of driving under the influence.


The remaining four, looking at issues such as protective gear and local roads, will be published in January.

NYRF infographic Junctions

Heidi Duffy MBE, NYRF facilitator, said: “Our research has given us the best possible understanding of who young riders are and how to reach them.


“This campaign looks to build on that and help us share vitally important safety messages to our young riders, many of whom will be out on their scooters during the festive period working for the food delivery companies.”

Date Issued 17.12.21