Warwickshire Road Safety Partnership is encouraging bikers to refresh your skills ready for the new season

BikeSafe police observed ride SMALL

Warwickshire Road Safety Partnership is encouraging bikers to get the most out of your bike this season by refreshing your riding skills and learning some new ones at a one day BikeSafe or half day Biker Down course.


BikeSafe is a national police run motorcycle initiative, aimed at working with motorcycle riders in a relaxed environment. BikeSafe workshops involve an observed ride with a police graded motorcyclist, to improve your safety and reduce casualties. Workshops cost £60 and cover rider attitude, collision causation, cornering, positioning, overtaking, observation, braking, hazard perception and use of gears.


Sergeant Shaun Bridle, Regional BikeSafe Coordinator said “The enhanced training provided during a BikeSafe course leads to better riding and observations by riders. This in turn reduces the chance of bikers being involved in a collision so we are encouraging motorcyclists to take this opportunity to upskill. It’s not just about keeping you safe, better skills will also help you maximise the enjoyment you get out of your bike.”


Warwickshire BikeSafe courses take place in Leek Wootton and are filling up fast so we are encouraging bikers to book now to avoid disappointment.  Although April, May, June and July are now fully booked, we currently have dates available in August, September and October.


To check the latest availability please click here https://bit.ly/3wHSDo1 or visit www.bikesafe.co.uk 


BikeSafe isn’t the only way you can upskill in Warwickshire.  Warwickshire Fire & Rescue Service also offer free Biker Down courses that aim to provide the tools to help bikers if they’re involved in a crash and two additional Biker Down courses are being offered on 13 April at Rugby Fire Station & 15 April at Bedworth Fire Station.


Biker Down is a three hour course that helps to give riders an awareness of what to do if you are first at the scene of a motorcycle collision. The workshop highlights what key things you can do to manage a scene, the science of being seen and also basic first aid which involves CPR and helmet removal.  For more information about the course and to book click here https://bit.ly/3dMr1mq


If you are unable to book a course, you can also see Bikesafe and Biker Down at the Adventure Bike Rider Festival at Ragley Hall from 24-26 June 2022 where they will be delivering mini BikeSafe workshops so you can have your riding assessed at the event with tips on offer to make you safer.


The BikeSafe and Biker Down teams will also be at Rugby Bike Fest on 22 May 2022 to chat with the biking community and promote BikeSafe and Biker Down workshops. Please come and see us for an informal chat if you’d like to find out more about a course. In 2021, the event was attended by over 8000 members of the public, with the vast majority being riders.


BikeSafe and Biker Down are being promoted during the NPCC 2 Wheels Campaign that runs from 4-17 April and the National Fire Chief Council Motorcycle Safety Campaign 11-17 April to raise awareness of the importance and value of progressing on to accredited post-test training.

Date Issued 29.03.22