Warwickshire Road Safety Partnership distributes over 45,000 FREE road safety magazines to schools, colleges and retailers across Warwickshire

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Warwickshire Road Safety Partnership has distributed over 45,000 FREE road safety magazines to schools, colleges, GP surgeries, leisure centres, cycle shops, opticians and motorcycle retailers across Warwickshire.


Funded by the Partnership, the magazines have been distributed to help Warwickshire’s new motorcyclists, cyclists and mature drivers stay safe when using the roads and are being promoted as part of the NPCC Vulnerable Road Users campaign that starts on 12 September.


20,000 Ultimate Guide to Cycling magazines have just been distributed to 25 schools, 11 colleges, and 62 leisure centres, bike hire and cycle shops around the county. 1500 of these will also be used by Warwickshire Police when engaging with cyclists during road safety operations and by Warwickshire County Council Road Safety Education Team at road safety events in schools and colleges.


The magazine provides information and advice for those who cycle or would like to cycle, in a fun magazine format to help keep them safe on the roads and encourage healthy travel choices.  As well as promoting the health benefits of cycling, advice includes buying a bike, how to improve your visibility and safety including road skills such as road positioning, effectively indicating intentions, obeying traffic signals and reading the road to help riders stay safe. The advice is totally up to date and includes important new changes to the Highway Code all cyclists should know.                  


Also aimed primarily at young people, 6,200 copies of FirstBike magazine have been distributed to motorcycle retailers, rider trainers and 25 schools, and 11 colleges across Warwickshire during April.


FirstBike is aimed at those who either currently ride a ‘Powered Two Wheeler’ or who are looking towards completing their Compulsory Basic Training. The magazine covers on-road training, theory and hazard perceptions skills, essential bike maintenance, insurance and the all-important personal protective equipment such as Kevlar jeans, gloves and proper motorcycle shoes/boots, as well as vulnerability and risk taking. There’s also a section on the new Highway Code and advice for those working as delivery riders.


You can also pick up a copy from our BikeSafe and Biker Down teams if you attend a course and at one of the many events they attend across the county.


Whilst many mature drivers have decades of experience making them some of the safest drivers on the road, they may be looking for information and advice that will help them drive safely for longer and 20,000 Drive On magazines for mature drivers have been distributed to a mix of 70 doctor surgeries and opticians across Warwickshire to provide just that. DriveOn magazine also provides advice on saving money at the pump, recent changes to the Highway Code, and the Blue Badge scheme.  There’s even information about child car seats if you are transporting a grandchild.   Warwickshire County Council Road Safety Education Team will also be offering Drive On magazines to Warwickshire drivers who take part in the Free IAM RoadSmart Mature Driver Review.


But that’s not all  Over 8,500 Young Drivers Guide magazines will also be distributed later this year.


Chair of Warwickshire Road Safety Partnership and Police and Crime Commissioner for Warwickshire Philip Seccombe said


“We hope these magazines will support you as a road user whatever age you are to help maximise your safety and confidence on the roads.   Whether you are a driver, biker or cyclist we all have a collective responsibility to share the road safely.  These magazines are packed with useful information and advice to help you stay safe and enjoy using the roads whatever mode of transport you choose.  We are also encouraging sustainable transport alternatives and supporting road users in making good travel choices. Even one death on our roads is too many and that’s why our vision is for zero people to be killed or seriously injured on our roads and our target is a 50% reduction in road deaths and serious injuries by 2030.  This is achievable but only with your help.“


James Evans, Founder of First Car who produced the magazines said: “We are delighted to support the campaign to encourage lifelong learning amongst our more mature drivers and at a time when the number of people choosing to travel on two wheels is rapidly increasing because of fuel costs and health benefits.”


Although over 45,000 magazines have been distributed, we know from past experience that 42% of magazines are passed on to a friend or relative, while 33% of copies are retained by the reader. Less than 5% are thrown away or recycled by the first recipient. We hope this will mean that the magazines will continue in circulation for some time to maximise the number of people who can benefit from the information they contain.


More information about the magazines is available on our website here https://warksroadsafety.org/road-safety-magazines/ 


Each magazine also has a QR code on the cover taking you to a video explaining why they being distributed https://youtu.be/5AkdUYZ1XKY  


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Picture shows PCC and Chair of Warwickshire Road Safety Partnership, Philip Seccombe handing over copies of the Ultimate Guide to Cycling magazines to Duty Manager Jordan Gandy and Fitness Manager April Fairbrother at Pingles Leisure Centre in Nuneaton.

Date Issued: 05.09.22