Only travel if you really have to say police as freezing temperatures continue


Warwickshire Police is warning drivers about snow, ice and fog affecting road conditions as we continue to be gripped by freezing temperatures.

The advice is to only travel if you really have to and if you do, make sure your windscreen is clear, and you have plenty of fuel. 


Check the weather forecast and local travel news before you set off. This includes the forecast for your destination as it may be very different.


In the Stratford upon Avon area a high number of road collisions were reported over the weekend.


With the freezing weather set to continue, Inspector Richard Hobbs said “The whole area south of Stratford upon Avon is where we are seeing our worst driving conditions with Shipston and Tysoe particularly affected.


“There are a number of rural roads in the south of the county that are closed due to the snow and ice so we are asking drivers to please stick to the main roads and to slow down and drive according to the conditions.  


“As well as being icy, these roads are shut because there are a number of abandoned vehicles that are unable to be moved and this makes them impassable until the weather improves.


The advice is for drivers to be prepared and pack a winter driving kit including food and water, de-icer and ice scraper, blankets, snow shovel, a fully charged mobile phone and car charger, warm clothes, boots and a torch.


If you do need to abandon your car, please ring the police on 101 to let them know the location of the vehicle and that you are safe. Please only call 999 in an emergency.

Date Issued 12.12.22