New signage to help improve the safety of motorcyclists in Warwickshire

new motorcycle hot route signage May 23

Warwickshire Road Safety Partnership has put up over 100 signs to encourage motorcyclists and drivers to look out for each other on some of the most popular motorcycle routes through Warwickshire.


The ‘RIDE SAFELY’ signage aims to encourage bikers themselves to take extra care on these often more testing routes through the Warwickshire countryside and the ‘THINK BIKE’ signs remind drivers to look out for motorcyclists.


The signage now appears on:-


  • A46 from Stratford upon Avon, south to the Worcester border
  • Fosse Way along the entire length of the B4455/A429
  • A446 from the Belfry to Bassetts Pole
  • A4189 from Mappleborough Green to Warwick
  • A423 from Ryton to the Oxfordshire border
  • A425 from Southam to the Northamptonshire border 


The partnership is not relying on the signage alone to ensure everyone stays safe, Warwickshire Police will also be carrying out regular high visibility patrols, and mobile camera sites on these routes will be given priority status especially through the summer.


Sally Rolfe, who put up the signage with her fellow Warwickshire Police Traffic Management Advisor, PC Grant Dumbleton, said “The routes for the signage were carefully chosen taking into consideration both our latest casualty statistics and the number of motorcyclists using the routes.


“One of the top 5 routes on paper was the A426 from Rugby to the A5 but, when we looked at this, we found it already has a trial average camera system on the route, so we chose the next route down on our list – the A425 from Southam to the Northamptonshire border.


“When we were out putting up the signage, we were reassured to see high volumes of motorcycles using these roads – this confirmed we had chosen the right routes”.


“It was also encouraging that only two of the previous year’s ‘hot’ routes for motorcyclist casualties still featured in the top 6 – the A46 and the Fosse Way.  We hope this means that the signage and other initiatives like BikeSafe and the Project Edward Bike event in April is starting to make a difference.” 


Marie Biddulph, Assistant Regional Safety Co-ordinator (Midlands) at National Highways said


“We recognise that motorcyclists are one of our most vulnerable groups of road users and because of this we must all do everything we can to help keep bikers as safe as possible when out on the roads. 


“But motorcyclists must look after their own safety too by always wearing appropriate protective clothing when out on their bikes, whatever the weather. And we would encourage bikers to improve their road skills on one of the excellent courses available.”


WRSP is sharing these tips to help motorcyclists enjoy their riding experience.


  • Always gear up for a ride – protective clothing and helmets help protect you if you are involved in a collision.
  • Just like a car you should regularly maintain and check your bike.
  • Before riding check your tyres, lights and fluids and look for signs of any oil, fuel or air leaks
  • Position yourself on the road so you can be seen and make sure you do not ride in drivers’ blind spots


Motorcyclists are encouraged to help themselves by riding safely and upskilling by attending a course such as BikeSafe or Biker Down.  Bikesafe course participants will be taken on these routes whenever possible for an educational and high visibility presence.


To book a Bikesafe course, please follow the link   More information can be found on


To book Biker Down courses please click here.


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