Motorcyclists and moped riders urged to refresh and improve their road skills

new motorcycle hot route signage May 23

Warwickshire Road Safety Partnership is calling on bikers of all ages whatever size motorbike or moped they ride to improve their road skills.  The call to bikers comes during the NPCC Vulnerable Road Users Operation that starts today 11 September 2023.


Sergeant Shaun Bridle, Regional BikeSafe Coordinator said “Whilst motorcycles make up approximately 3% of all traffic, in Warwickshire from 2018-2021, almost a quarter (22.88%) of people killed or seriously injured on our roads were bikers. This is really disproportionate to the number of motorcycles on the roads and we are looking at everything we can do to help bring these numbers down. 


“We are asking drivers to please take extra care and look properly for bikers particularly at T-junctions where almost a third of motorcycle collisions occur.  We have put up THINK BIKE signage on the popular more testing biker routes through rural Warwickshire to remind drivers to look out for motorcyclists. Bikers and all road users can also report and submit digital footage showing potential moving traffic offences such as careless or dangerous driving to Op Snap to be reviewed by a police officer.


We are also asking bikers to take responsibility for their own safety on the roads. This includes not speeding or taking risks to help protect themselves from being a statistic and continuously refreshing and improving their motorcycle skills. 


There are lots of courses available including FREE online BikeSafe motorcycle skills training to use as a skills refresher, identify potential knowledge gaps, or if you are a new biker, to provide a good overview of the skills needed. Those who complete the training will also be entered into a FREE prize draw to win biker related goodies – you can sign up here


You can also join the waiting list for the popular Warwickshire BikeSafe Course where riders are observed by police riders to get individual real time feedback on their skills and riding behaviour through Bluetooth kits or sign up for Biker Down a FREE three hour course delivered by Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service that helps give riders an awareness of what to do if you are first at the scene of a motorcycle collision      


Post-test motorcycle training is also available via IAM, RoSPA and the DVSA Enhanced Rider Scheme.


During the Campaign, Warwickshire County Council Road Safety Education Team and Safer Neighbourhood Teams will be attending Student Welcome Events at Warwickshire Colleges throughout September 2023, engaging with young riders and drivers to educate and raise awareness of road related risks. Partners will promote the National Young Rider Forum website an online one-stop shop for new and young powered two-wheeler riders, and Ridefree a free online training course for moped and motorcycle riders to complete before taking their compulsory basic training (CBT).


The Ridefree course contains 5 online learning modules covering, the Highway Code and hazard perception, clothing, equipment and the importance of maintenance and rider behaviour.


Whatever size bike you ride, whether for fun or to get you from A to B, here are some tips so you can continue to enjoy our roads.

  • Always gear up for a ride – good quality protective clothing and helmets help protect you if you are involved in a collision.
  • Just like a car you should regularly maintain and check your bike.
  • Before riding check your tyres, lights and fluids and look for signs of any oil, fuel or air leaks
  • Make sure you can be seen by other road users. Wear hi-vis and turn your headlights on. Position yourself on the road so you can be seen and make sure you do not ride in drivers’ blind spots.
  • If you are riding in a group, ride your own ride and don’t be tempted to ride beyond your capabilities to keep up.  You will only be a minute or two behind them when you get to your destination.


There are also some great videos available online.  For example this video created by the National Young Rider Forum and Motorcycle Action Group focuses on how to filter correctly and how drivers can help riders to filter safely. This is great information from DocBike for bikers navigating a dangerous junction.


During the NPCC Vulnerable Road Users Campaign we will be sharing information and advice for drivers and motorcyclists on social media. Please follow us on Facebook @WarwickshireRoadSafety and Twitter @WarksRoadSafety to help us share these messages.


Notes for editors

More information about Op Snap can be found here


Statistics Reported road casualties in Great Britain: motorcycle factsheet, 2021 – GOV.UK (

  • Averaged over the period 2016 to 2021 92% of motorcycle casualties were men. The age group most at risk is 30-39 year olds.
  • The weekday peak time for motorcycle collisions resulting in death or serious injury is 7-10am and 4-7pm and at weekends is from midday to 4pm.
  • Nationally whilst motorcycles make up approximately 3% of all traffic, between 2018 and 2021 motorcycles made up on average 8.8% of all casualties in Warwickshire and 22.88% of those killed or seriously injured.