Warwickshire shares Road Safety Week resource


Ahead of this year’s Road Safety Week, Warwickshire County Council’s Road Safety Education Team is launching a new digital resource for young people aged 4-12 years.


The resource raises awareness of age-appropriate issues relating to speed and is designed to help young people be safer road users. 


This themed resource can be accessed free of charge by primary schools and is also being offered to other local authorities and road safety professionals to utilise and share in other areas.


If you are interested in knowing more about this resource, with a view to possibly using it during Road Safety Week, contact Warwickshire Road Safety Education Team at roadsafetyeducation@warwickshire.gov.uk.


Road Safety Week 2023, which takes place between 19-25 November, will bring communities and professionals together to talk about speed.


Organised by Brake, Road Safety Week is described as the UK’s biggest annual road safety campaign.


The 2023 campaign will start the conversation about why speeding is thought of as acceptable in some situations, what happens when speeding occurs and why reducing speed saves lives.


The theme was set following discussions with representatives from community groups, the police, Government, businesses, educators and other charities.


This year’s campaign will see a day for each of the aforementioned groups connected with Road Safety Week – meaning there will be many ways for everyone to get involved.