Warwickshire Police carry out taxi checks in Leamington and Warwick


Warwickshire Police stopped and checked 40 taxi drivers and their vehicles in Leamington and Warwick in a joint operation on 6 April 2024. 

During the operation, specially trained Traffic Officers worked with City of Wolverhampton Council’s taxi compliance officers, as drivers across Warwickshire have chosen to be licensed with Wolverhampton.

Checks were carried out to ensure that both the taxi drivers and their vehicles were appropriately licensed and had the correct documentation.  Officers with vehicle inspection and prohibition powers also checked the roadworthiness and overall safety of vehicles.

Of those 40 cars, one driver was suspended by the licencing authority as well as being prosecuted for two bald tyres.  His vehicle was prohibited as a result until the tyres are replaced.

A further seven taxi drivers received formal warnings on their licence records for infringements and four more were given advice that their tyres were less than 1mm from the legal limit.

Sergeant 1173 Simon Dalby who led the operation said “We were pleased to see that the majority of taxi drivers we checked during the operation had carried out their vehicle checks and the vehicles were safe to be on the road.

“Checking drivers are using a safe, approved vehicle when carrying members of the public and following all laws and regulations will undoubtedly help improve road safety, and reduce the risk of collisions.

“Checking the taxi driver documentation also helps reduce the risk to vulnerable people who may fall prey to unlicensed drivers in the night time economy.

“Please always use reputable companies and apps when booking a taxi.  When the taxi arrives, the driver should be wearing photographic identification as well as having their private hire licence displayed within the vehicle.

“Due to the success of the operation, we will be doing it again soon to cover all our towns across the county.”

John Roseblade, director of resident services at City of Wolverhampton Council said: “City of Wolverhampton Council takes its licensing responsibilities seriously and our officers work proactively across the country, carrying out regular operations with partners to protect the public.

“We will continue to support Warwickshire Police to carry out further random checks on taxis over the coming months to ensure both the driver and vehicle meet the requirements to carry members of the public.”

Drivers of private hire vehicles need to be appropriately licensed as a private hire driver and meet certain age, driving experience, and vehicle requirements as well as passing all relevant background and medical checks. Drivers must also provide a valid driver’s licence, vehicle registration and proof of insurance.