New biker safety initiative with local motorcycle dealers

BikeSafe hanger on bike

Warwickshire Road Safety Partnership is working with Alf England in Bedworth, Blade Honda Motorcycles in Stratford-upon-Avon and CMC Bikes in Coleshill to encourage bikers to upskill.


The motorcycle dealerships are helping to promote both BikeSafe and Biker Down to their customers by placing ‘bike hangers’ with QR codes linking to information about the training on all their showroom bikes.   When you visit you may also spot posters promoting the schemes. 


Sergeant Shaun Bridle who is behind the initiative said “The concept behind the handlebar hooks is to catch a rider’s attention as they browse in any of these dealerships. The QR Codes for Warwickshire BikeSafe or Biker Down and information about Warwickshire Road Safety Partnership are clearly visible and riders are encouraged to visit the websites and get booked on to the courses or join the wait list.


“As and when a motorcycle is sold, the new owner will also get one of these handlebar hooks with their motorcycle, again being encouraged to book on to one of these courses.  This is a great time for riders to upskill so they can get the most out of their new purchase. “


BikeSafe courses are designed to improve your knowledge and skills in a relaxed classroom environment before you take to the road on your motorbike to ride some of the more challenging routes through Warwickshire.  You will be observed by a highly skilled professional police motorcyclist who will then provide feedback and information to improve your skills further to help you stay as safe as possible, whilst most importantly, maximising your enjoyment of your time on your bike. The course at Leek Wootton, is subsidised and costs just £65 for a full day.


When riders use the BikeSafe QR code and submit their details, they automatically get instant access to FREE online BikeSafe motorcycle skills training, so there is no waiting for a BikeSafe workshop to be delivered, the rider can start to gain vital rider safety knowledge straight away. As well as hazard awareness, the training covers corners and overtaking, junctions, and filtering.


Those who complete the training will also be entered into a FREE prize draw to win biker related goodies – so please sign up as soon as possible.


Warwickshire Biker Down is a FREE three hour course that helps give riders an awareness of what to do if you are first at the scene of a motorcycle collision. The workshop is for new and experienced riders of all ages and is delivered alongside BikeSafe team members from Warwickshire Police. The workshop highlights what key things you can do to manage a scene, the science of being seen and also basic first aid which involves CPR and helmet removal. Workshops are run every month and can be booked through Eventbrite.


Moreno Francioso from Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service said “BikeSafe and Biker Down will be at Rugby Bikefest on 19 May between 10.30am and 4pm.   We love talking about bikes so please come and see us there for an informal chat.  We will also be at the Adventure Bike Festival 2024 in the grounds of Ragley Hall, Warwickshire from 28-30 June where BikeSafe will be delivering mini BikeSafe workshops so you can have your riding assessed at the event with tips on offer to make you safer.  Please come and say hello.”



To book BikeSafe visit:

To access FREE online BikeSafe motorcycle skills training

To book Biker Down visit: Warwickshire Fire & Rescue Service Events | Eventbrite



More info about Rugby Bikefest can be found here Rugby Bikefest 2024 – Rugby First Events

And the Adventure Bike Festival


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