Almost 1000 offences detected during a month long Fatal 4 operation in Warwickshire

Officers from the Road Safety Unit conducting speed enforcement at various locations across county

Warwickshire Police officers detected 964 offences during a month long national road safety operation to target drivers committing the fatal 4 offences that are so often found to be a factor in fatal and serious road traffic collisions.


Speeding, drink and drug driving, using a handheld mobile phone and not wearing a seatbelt are all known to increase the risk of a collision to not only the driver, but their passengers and members of the public in their path.


During the four week operation:-


  • 60 drivers were arrested for drink and drug driving related offences,
  • 29 drivers received Traffic Offence Reports (TORs) for using a mobile phone whilst driving,
  • 30 drivers received TORs for not wearing a seatbelt,
  • 845 drivers were caught speeding in the county
    • 99       TORs were given to drivers by officers for speeding
    • 746     Notices of Intended Prosecution (NIPS) were sent to drivers after officers detected them speeding by using a handheld device to conduct roadside checks


Those caught include a driver speeding at over 100mph in a 50mph limit on the A45 Baginton on 8 April.  He will go straight to court.   And on 5 April, officers using a Trucam speed detection device in Ryton on Dunsmore and Townsend Lane, Long Lawford captured 8 drivers speeding together.  Please think for yourself.


The arrest of a drink driver following a collision in Atherstone on 16 April led to the discovery of a small cannabis grow at his home address after he failed to stop at the scene. He is currently on police bail.


Every week around ten Warwickshire drink and drug drivers we have arrested receive the minimum of a one year driving ban, fine and a criminal record when they appear in court. 


Seatbelts save lives.  That’s why drivers can be fined £500 if they or a child under 14 in the vehicle is not wearing a seatbelt or appropriate child restraint as required by law. Passengers 14 years old or over are responsible themselves for wearing a seatbelt and could be fined for not wearing one.

Those receiving a TOR for not wearing a seatbelt include the driver of an Audi A3 who was stopped by officers on Warwick Road, Leek Wootton on 14 April.  Further checks revealed he was driving without a licence and had no insurance.  His vehicle was seized. (SEE PHOTO)


On 24 April officers spotted a child without a seatbelt in the front seat of a vehicle and the driver was issued with a Traffic Offence Report.


Stopping a driver for one fatal 4 offence often led to more offences being discovered as was the case on 27 April when officers stopped a vehicle in Crowthorns, Rugby and the driver was issued with a TOR for using a mobile phone, failing to wear a seatbelt, and driving without a licence and without insurance.  His vehicle was recovered. 


The public also did their bit.  During the operation, 14 submissions were made to Operation Snap of drivers using a handheld mobile phone.  The footage was reviewed by a police officer and 2 drivers received warning letters and 5 drivers received Notices of intended Prosecution. No further action was taken in 7 submissions due to insufficient evidence.


As a result, this driver below was fined £200 and received 6 points on his licence.  The other offences are still being processed.


Speaking after the operation, Sergeant Chris McSharry said “We found that many of the fatal 4 offences led us to discovering other motoring offences such as no insurance, licence or MOT.

“Other motoring offences detected during the operation include, driving without due care and attention, failing to stop, dangerous driving, driving whilst disqualified, ignoring a red light, under inflated tyre, using a trailer in lane 3, and excessive tints.

“Non motoring offences detected include a cannabis grow found when a driver failed to stop following a collision and the arrest of a domestic abuse suspect whose vehicle was stopped on the A46.

“During the operation we were pleased to see that most drivers always drive legally and responsibly at a safe speed for the road conditions.  


“For those that choose not to, we will always choose to educate first and many drivers received words of advice about their manner of driving. However, this operation is about reducing the number of people killed and injured on our roads and we will continue to use our analysis and intelligence reports to focus our resources on high risk areas of the county to conduct high visibility patrols and to proactively target those drivers who are choosing not to drive safely within the law.”