HGV on the Road

Evaluation is a key component to the partnership’s Strategy to 2030.   

At the beginning of each project, partners will review how data will be collected to monitor our progress against key Safety Performance Indicators.  Warwickshire Road Safety Partners develop interventions based upon models of behaviour and incorporate recognised Behaviour Change Techniques to encourage change.


Evaluation is a critical phase of all interventions with three main purposes: 

To assess the interventions effectiveness on achieving the intended outcomes.

To find out how and why things have worked (or not), including information on anticipated and unanticipated benefits. 

To provide insights and information for learning and development. 


The data Working Group will also explore research findings to identify best practice, both internationally and nationally, and will co-ordinate and commission evaluations to measure the effectiveness of interventions.  

Furthermore, the Communications and Engagement Working Group will work closely with the Data Working Group to evaluate campaigns and activities.