New Rider Webinar

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The National Young Rider Forum (NYRF) is partnering with the Warwickshire Road Safety Partnership to host a free webinar for young riders.


This webinar is aimed at those aged between 16-24 years, with parents and carers also welcome.


Topics will include driving licences and taking CBT test, motorcycle PPE, maintenance and ways of improving your riding skills.


This webinar provides a opporunity for you to ask any questions of NYRF members who cover a large area of expertise in the world of motorcycling.



6:30 Open

6:40- DVSA – Starting to ride and Ride free

6:50- Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

7:00- Mental Health Motorbikes

7:10- Bike maintenance

7:20- Shiny Side UP Know the Danger films

7:30- Biker Down

7:40- Q&A

8:00- Close