It is important that we never forget the individuals whose lives have been lost on Warwickshire’s roads. This page is a memorial to all those people. Your loved one whether a partner, child, friend, family member or colleague will not be forgotten.

To achieve a sustainable reduction in the number of people killed or injured

To increase public confidence in road safety and enforcement

To improve partnership working and communication


34 Fatal – reduction of 3% since 2018

316 Killed and seriously injured – reduction of 12.5% since 2018

1149 slightly injured – reduction of 11% since 2018

The M42 motorway in Warwickshire at night


Dishonest speeding driver receives hefty fines and points

Warwickshire Police is warning those who receive speeding tickets to deal with them honestly or face the consequences after a 25 year old woman from Slough attempted to avoid two speeding tickets from fixed cameras by paying someone to provide false and misleading information about who was driving.

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