Blighted by nuisance bikes? It’s time to Dob ‘Em In!

dob em in

People are being encouraged to report nuisance bikes in their area using a new online reporting form.


By completing the form on the Warwickshire County Council website, they can help put an end to the issues nuisance bikes create for local communities.


Anti-social behaviour caused by nuisance bikes accounts for a large proportion of reports in the county, and a campaign called ‘Dob ‘Em In’ is highlighting the importance of sharing information about perpetrators.


As members of the Safer Warwickshire Partnership, Warwickshire County Council’s Community Safety team and Warwickshire Police are working together to make it easier for people to report crime and safety concerns that are impacting on local communities.


As well as using the new reporting form at, people can also report nuisance bikes to the Police by phoning 101 in a non-emergency.


Nuisance bikes, whether they are motorbikes, e-bikes, or quad bikes, can be a cause of concern for several reasons, which is why people are being asked to report any incidents if their area is blighted by the issue.


Councillor Andy Crump, Warwickshire County Council’s Portfolio Holder for Community Safety, said: “The noise that is created by nuisance bikes disturbs people in their homes, gardens, and community.


“The riders often have no regard for other people’s safety on the public highway or byways, nor do they care about being road legal.


“There are several actions that can and are being used against these riders, but we need residents’ help to focus resources and direct the right action to specific locations and people, which is why our Community Safety team are encouraging residents to report incidents.”


If bikes are being used in a manner which causes alarm, distress or annoyance, Warwickshire Police can issue notices under Section 59 of the Police Reform Act or seize the bike.


Police Officers can also attend addresses with Council Tenancy Officers to issue tenancy warning notices.


To help provide the best chance of successful action, when reporting an incident, people are being asked to give, if possible:

  • a good description of the rider and the bike
  • a registration number if it can be seen
  • an address of where the bike comes from and goes to (if known)
  • as much detail as possible about the nuisance, the riders, bikes, and any vehicles used to transport them if that is the case.


If reporting to Warwickshire Police, always ask for an incident number so you know it has been recorded.


To find out more about the ‘Dob ‘Em In’ campaign, visit  


You can watch a video about the campaign on the Warwickshire Police Facebook page here.