Road users


We have a wonderful mix of urban and rural areas, and being in the centre of the UK, Warwickshire is crossed by many of the major arterial routes making up the strategic road network. This presents unique challenges in terms of keeping our roads safe for the millions of people that use them.

We have looked at our road collision data and identified the following priority groups that the Partnership will focus activities around to improve their safety on Warwickshire’s roads. We will also support campaigns and activities to improve the safety of all road users, including horse riders, children and pedestrians.

Find out more about the road users below:

Priority groups

  • Pre drivers and Young Road Users (16-24)- 21% of fatalities in 2019 were aged between 16-24 on Warwickshire’s roads
  • Older Road Users (60+)- 10% of those killed and seriously injured on our roads in 2019 were 60+ and these number has risen over the past few years as older populations increase
  • Motorcyclists – Over a third of fatalities in Warwickshire in 2019 were motorcyclists (32%).
  • Cyclists- 12% of fatalities in 2019 were cyclists in Warwickshire, double the national average.
  • The fatal four

    – 26% of fatalities in 2019 were perceived to have speed as a contributing factor

    – 17% of fatalities in 2019 were perceived to have drink or drugs as a contributing factor

    – 22 fatal collisions were recorded as seatbelt not being worn.